Have you, as a parent, ever wished you could find more recommended novels for your young reader with a voracious appetite for books? Have you ever gotten a recommendation from a parent, bought or picked up the book from the library and presented it to your child, only to hear, “This is boring!” Or “I don’t want to read that”?

This is a mother-daughter blog devoted to giving a well-rounded picture of novels by offering two reviews for each book: one by the mother, and one by the daughter. Our focus is novels for middle grade readers, although we might veer from that category from time to time. We like fantasy and fun, so you’ll find reviews on books new and old, from the Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings to The Wingfeather Saga and the 100 Cupboards series.

Bonita Jewel is a wife, a mother of three awesome children, a blogger, student, and editor. An avid reader from roughly the age of three, she enjoys reading, writing, and editing books of nearly all genres.

JRR rose5Jessica Rose is an eleven year old who does not like referring to herself in third person like she has to now. She loves to read, and read, and read (some books much more than once)! Her favorite type of books are fantasy, mystery, and animal.